Fashion Tribes China

Reine et Roi x Jellymon

Reine et Roi x Jellymon

Check out this new book, Fashion Tribes China. Cover image is of Lin Lin rocking the Reine et Roi x Jellymon “Space Race” jacket. Available at

Description of book from

This work presents a window into the fashion tribes of the young Chinese, who make up one in ten of the world’s population. The pace at which China has caught up with western lifestyle is breathtaking. Chinese youth have embraced, assimilated and adapted western cultural values and aesthetics in no time. They are confident and proud on the streets of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Most recently Chinese youth are beginning to rediscover their own heritage and mix it with western creative language, delivering a fresh and unique style, which is set to grow and influence the west in the near future. Fashion Tribes China presents the freshest and most cutting-edge youth street culture coming out of China. The book mixes straight-up head-to-toe street photography with detailed shots, including accessories, fashion detailing and fashion graphics, reflecting what is being worn and designed. Added to this are essays on style leaders in China, lifestyle, aspirations, motivations and creative thinking. Fashion Tribes China gives invaluable insight into today’s youth street culture and is aimed at creative professionals and marketers eager to understand and be inspired by what is set to become the 21st century’s most influential youth group.


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