New Balance 510 – White / Grey / Neon


Some New Balance just landed last night. Two colors of the 510 and two colors of the 850 from the Fall catalog.

This is the white / grey / neon 510.  Synethetic and leather upper with a hit of neon yellow. These are dope for the street or the gym. Even doper at $75.00.

Click for more pics





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5 Responses to “New Balance 510 – White / Grey / Neon”

  1. Triggy Says:

    Will you guys be getting any of the new 1500’s?

  2. classic kicks Says:

    there are some surfacing on the internet that are for spring….the white / multi color, etc. those are coming in spring. the next 1500 is next month. its grey / grey with a little deep purple. were you looking for something specific?

  3. classic kicks Says:

    I think those are just international.

    ive never seen them

  4. Triggy Says:

    Thanks anyways. Hopefully we’ll start seeing 1500’s stateside.

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