Nike Air Max 1 – Red / Black / White


Suede and mesh uppers in this color combo = dope. I dont know why “west” is printed on the tongue and these have a beaver on the insole, but i’m sure you can find that info out if you actually care. Nice job on the sneakers, Nike. Another Classic.

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One Response to “Nike Air Max 1 – Red / Black / White”

  1. Wolf & Pack Says:

    From… I just read this the other day, so boom, for people that care, and click comments on AM1’s, get your fix.

    “Nike has unpacked this really nice two-part Air Max 1 ‘West’ sneaker, as part of the East vs. West Pack. Available now in either grey / blue or red / white / black colorways, this edition has a beaver cartoon, representing the Nike HQ in Beaverton, OR on the insole. Both models feature a white outsole with white laces and an upper constructed of a mesh / suede leather mix.”

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