Ray Barbee x Vans Era ’87 Reissue LX


This is the mate to the Chukka Boot Reissue. You’re looking at the Vans Vault Era ’87 Reissue LX in the (Ray Barbee 20) Forest Green / White combination. These are all suede and slightly different shape than the Era we’re currently used to seeing. Vans just keeps bangin’ them out. The subtle differences on these make these really stand out. Also features the Ray Barbee stitching on the tongue.


Click for more pics







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5 Responses to “Ray Barbee x Vans Era ’87 Reissue LX”

  1. Liz Says:

    where can i buy these in Canada??

  2. beth Says:

    Where can I buy these from?

  3. aaaleyna Says:

    ben türkiyede nerden alıcam onu söyleyin siz canadayı nabayım ben

  4. Neal Says:

    You guys will go to hell trying to find these, unless your size 5.5 and I still wear mine. These shoes were released in 09, you may be able to get them from eBay, or on vans.com you could make a replica pair just without the stitching on the tongue, which most people won’t notice…. Also, these can go up to 300$ because 1 they’re very rare, and 2 is no one wants to sell theirs and that’s their i don’t wanna sell it price

  5. ianrloser Says:

    Where can i buy this kick?

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